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WISH Grant Recipients – 2016

In partnership with the PVH and MCR Foundation, WISH – Women Investing in Strategies for Health is proud to announce their 2016 grant recipients.  This year’s award cycle granted $53,975 to PVH and MCR programs and services in conjunction with community partners. 


Applicant:              Community Health Improvement

Grant Amount:       $5,000

The Enhance Wellness and Living Well programs are programs that target at-risk aging adults in Larimer County. Risk factors may include low income, health disparities, obesity, and isolated living.  Participants of the Living Well programs suffer from at least one chronic condition, such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

Participants who complete either of these programs are equipped with the tools and knowledge for disease self-management as well as control over their health conditions. Caregivers are encouraged to participate along with the client/patient to learn what steps are necessary for improved health so that they can assist with the delivery of the protocol.  This WISH grant allows expansion of these programs to serve more of the population. 


Applicant:                  Volunteer & Guest Services              

Grant Amount:         $5,000

The Volunteer RN Program at PVH follows a national model that demonstrates positive impact for staff and patients, underscoring the role these nurses can play in supporting health literacy for patients. The additional “high-touch” aspect they provide patients in this era of fast-paced healthcare increases the patient’s ability to understand and effectively use basic medical instructions and information. In addition to making a difference to the patients and their families, the Volunteer RNs’ presence helps the staff by reducing their stress and providing time to attend to more critical care needs.  This WISH grant will support marketing and outreach, as well as equipment for ten volunteers. 


Applicant:                PVH and MCR Stroke Program                    

Grant Amount:        up to $2,000

Due to improvements in stroke treatment, there are decreased issues with long term, extreme disabilities of stroke victims and decreased mortality rates.  Access to education regarding strokes is vital to these improved outcomes.  The Stroke Education Program will utilize the WISH grant to increase educational efforts in Loveland, Fort Collins, Wellington, Windsor, and Greeley by using interactive technology tools at booths for educational events, such as corporate, school district, and community health fairs as well as skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. 


Applicant:               Medical Services Support

Grant Amount:       up to $1,500

Sharing the Care (StC) is an outreach group focused on improving the lives of older community members.  StC will be supplying individuals with a passport (a pouch containing a consolidated history of prescriptions, health records, personal information, medical release forms and other critical information) to help patients access a consolidated health history  The WISH grant will provide for the production of booklets, workbooks (which prompt a healthy aging discussion with family and caregivers) and volunteer training for distribution.


Applicant:              Community Health Improvement

Grant Amount:      $2,300

Community Health Improvement is partnering with Poudre Fire Authority and other community organizations with the goal of training members of our community to use an AED and to administer hands-only CPR in cases of sudden cardiac arrest. Poudre Fire Authority will be tracking responses and AED use by CSU, Poudre School District, area businesses, the Healthy Hearts program, as well as bystanders. The WISH grant will allow for additional training to reach more community members.


Applicant:             Community Health Improvement

Grant Amount:     $5,000

This WISH grant will be used to purchase children’s car seats at $55 each and to provide education, especially to local low-income residents, regarding the correct installation of car seats and the laws associated with their use.  At The Family Center/La Familia, firefighters conduct safety classes and participants receive car seats on the last Friday of the month.  Firefighters at stations around Fort Collins participate in car seat installation and education, but the program conducted at The Family Center/La Familia provides sessions with a bilingual, Spanish-speaking firefighter to reach individuals with little or no English language proficiency.  Last year, 1,500 car seats were distributed from The Family Center/La Familia, which has high visibility among low-income, non-English speakers because it is an Early Head Start site.  The program is also conducted at Fulanna Elementary School in Fort Collins.


Applicant:                     Clinical Education and Innovation Center

Grant Amount:             $3,219.95

This software will enable PVH and MCR employees to be trained for up-to-date critical clinical skills by utilizing simulations of real time clinical situations.  The heart rate, blood pressures, breathing rate, X-rays or any type of medical information can be displayed in real time as the monitors do in the hospital.  The feedback is immediate and allows the student to respond as they would to a patient in the same situation. This is similar to flight instructor simulators, only using mid-level life size mannequins. 


Applicant:                      Clinical Education and Innovation Center

Grant Amount:              $4,755

This WISH grant enhances the clinical education department for PVH and MCR by offering tangible ways to live out innovative education.  All employees of the health system are required to maintain updated standards and license requirements.  An example of their teaching spectrum was the Ebola outbreak guidelines necessary to be taught last year.  This was very critical and urgent.  This funding will help update all employees in a shorter amount of time. 


Applicant:                   Community Health System Improvement;/Columbine Health Systems

Grant Amount:            $5,000

The Aging Mastery Program consists of 10 weekly sessions, in a small group setting, led by a facilitator with a guest expert speaker each week. Topics include such issues as mental health, exercise, medication management, and are organized with group question and answer, points for attendance, daily practices completion and reward incentives. Currently, 30 participants are enrolled for two planned sessions, with participants paying $30 (actual cost was suggested @ $60 per person). The WISH grant allows expansion of the program to be offered quarterly to 120 participants.    


Applicant:                   Research

Grant Amount:           $5,000

The goal of Healthy Hearts is to teach and educate students regarding healthy heart habits and attitudes.  This program currently provides biometric screening to 5th grade and 10th grade students.  The WISH grant will increase this program’s testing to three time points (5th, 7th, 10th grades), and allow continued research data collection and education about healthy heart habits.  Students meet one-on-one with a skilled worker to collect biometric data, complete a health survey, and work through a knowledge assessment. In addition to biometric data collection, Healthy Hearts also teaches basic hands-only CPR training and activities that focus on learning basic nutrition and healthy heart lifestyles.


Applicant:                     Research

Grant Amount:             $4,500

The Healthy Hearts Elementary Education Booklet was created by request of the teachers who participate in the Healthy Hearts program. The booklet is quite extensive and very interactive, serving as a workbook that the students can use in classroom curriculum throughout the school year. The book is colorfully designed and full of detailed information, including activities the students can use to learn more about their heart health like: Pick The Healthy Fat, Fill Out The Food Label, Know Your Numbers, and more.  The WISH grant supports production of this booklet.


Applicant:                   Perinatal/Child Loss Bereavement Support Team

Grant Amount:           $5,000

The Perinatal/Child Loss Bereavement Support Team works collaboratively with 3Hopeful Hearts to support families when they suffer the loss of a child by providing daily bereavement support in the first week after the death of a child and follow up support through peer-to-peer mentoring and support groups. The WISH grant provides counseling vouchers that families can utilize for up to four free therapy sessions. 


Applicant:                  PVH Adult Outpatient Rehabilitation

Grant Amount:           $1,700


Applicant:                  MCR Outpatient Rehabilitation

Grant Amount:          $4,000

Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) benefits people with a range of neurological conditions, including stroke, MC, Parkinson’s, traumatic brain injury and ALS, with ages ranging from 20-90. Many such patients receive a course of occupational or physical therapy following a neurological incident, but find that their progress can drop off significantly after being discharged from treatment. NMT provides a low-cost option for patients to sustain their progress even outside of formally-prescribed therapy. It can help to improve balance and coordination to prevent hospital readmissions and dangerous falls.  Participants often look forward to therapy for the social benefits of the group environment, as well as for the research-proven physical benefits that it provides.  The WISH grant provides participant scholarships and equipment. 


WISH is a giving circle whose mission is to educate, empower, and inspire philanthropists by supporting health needs in Larimer County through the opportunity to pool their funds, learn about county-wide health needs, and collectively decide how their money will be utilized in support of local programs, projects and services provided by UCHealth.

WISH Timeline

Annual membership social:                            April

Applications distributed:                                 July

Memberships due:                                         August 31

Grant applications due:                                  September 1

Applicant screening and interviews:                September/October

Annual voting event:                                      November

Recipients notified:                                        December

Expenditure cycle:                                         January-December


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